• Becoming a buyer

    You only buy a bad business once and it could be your last! 

    With 35 years of experience, large client base and a professional, confidential approach to all our clients, let us help you buy your next business.

    We often have businesses for sale that are not in the wider buyer market.

  • First For Enterprise Solutions

    FirstEntSol is a technology company with two core areas of focus, we specialise in selling Internet based businesses on behalf of clients and offer various domain name brokerage services with over 20 years standing.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Selling your IT Business can be tricky, you may need privacy, when selling some businesses, however, you need to be able to offer it to the right people discreetly, maybe even your competitors without them knowing what business they are being offered, this is where we can help.

    We do not hawk your business indiscriminately on the web and have been involved with many public and private companies, helping them grow through Mergers & Acquisitions. There is no charge for sellers as our service is 100% free.

  • Selling your web/IT based business

    You only sell your business once make sure you get it right! - MLA Associates is a brokerage of 35 years standing and is a trading partner of FirstEntSol Ltd

    Confidentiality - Our aim is to bring together willing buyers and sellers, with minimum disruption to both parties AND in total confidentiality, there is no charge for sellers as our service is 100% free, we will guide you through the process of selling your business to your greatest advantage.